Indonesian Pluralities Today: Seeking Equality in Diversity (ENG)

As the conclusion of the Indonesian Pluralities series, the film Indonesian Pluralities Today: Seeking Equality in Diversity invites us to revisit Indonesia from a different perspective: not only to be euphorically celebrate this diversity, but also to understand the potentials, problems, as well as contestation within.

Religion in Quarantine (ENG)

The pandemic has changed so many aspects of our lives, religion is no exception. Religious communities have responded to the pandemic in a variety of ways, from resisting restrictions, adapting to circumstances, to an apocalyptic response. On the other hand, social solidarity from religious and interfaith communities emerged to deal with this situation. The question then is, how will our face and religious practices face the new post-pandemic world?

Unfinished Indonesia (ENG)

Unfinished Indonesia examines the political use and abuse of Islamic appeals and symbols in Indonesia’s 2019 national elections. Against this gripping contemporary backdrop, the film also explores the question of how the place of Islam in the Indonesian nation came to be such a point of contention, and its implications for rival understandings of Islam, citizenship, and nation today.